The American Discovery Trail

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Cover photo: “Evansville Tulips”
by Keith Gelhausen

The American Discovery Trail is currently closed to overnight and through hiking due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The American Discovery Trail is a new breed of national trail — part city, part small town, part forest, part mountains, part desert — all in one trail. Its 6,800+ miles of continuous, multi-use trail stretches from Cape Henlopen State Park, Delaware, to Pt. Reyes National Seashore, California. It reaches across America, linking community to community in the first coast to coast, non-motorized trail. The ADT provides trail users the opportunity to journey into the heart of all that is uniquely American — its culture, heritage, landscape and spirit.


Help us get the National Discovery Trails Act (H.R.726) passed!

General Information

What is the American Discovery Trail?

The American Discovery Trail (ADT) is a cross country trail composed of many other existing trails and some unique connector routes between them. The trail is already contiguous across the continent, but the goal is to create a completely off road trail, that is still a work in progress. The ADT is different from trails like the Appalachian or Pacific Crest in that it is not a wilderness trail, it passes through cities, towns, farmland and wild areas.

Who operates the ADT?

The ADT is run by the American Discovery Trail Society (ADTS), a 501(c)3 non profit organization. The society is managed by a board of directors, all volunteers, and one paid part time employee – the administrator. Each state that the trail passes through has a state coordinator. There are of course many other helpful volunteers.

American Discovery Trail
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How can I help or support the ADTS ?

The core of the society is its members, an organization is nothing without members! There are several levels of membership available – all the details are on the Membership page. Businesses or other organizations can become partners with the society (also known as sponsors), see the Business Partners page. Other trail organizations can become affiliated with the ADT, for information on that program please send an email to And of course donations are always appreciated, see the Donations page.

More Information About the ADTS


American Discovery Trail is proud to be sponsored by such outstanding companies and organizations. Please visit our sponsors’ web sites.

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