The American Discovery Trail Challenge Registration

On National Trails Day, June 1, 2024

Welcome to an adventure! Thank you for your interest in participating in the first ever American Discovery Trail Challenge! Challenge yourself to hike or bike a stretch of the ADT! Pick your distance to traverse your state with your family and friends!

The Goal of the Trail Challenge

The goal of the Trail Challenge is meant to be a personal one, a challenge you set for yourself. Why Participate? Reasons vary, but some include:

  • adding miles to your personal best distance
  • enlisting your friends to share a trail experience with you
  • hiking with your family for the first time
  • a hike, bike, and/or run relay
  • your first ever long-distance hike, whether it’s 20, 50 or 500 miles

Register Now

Once you register for the American Discovery Trail Challenge, you will receive specific information before the event with:

  • ADT trail access and route info
  • local trail agency contacts and
  • general trail use guidance

Following the event, all participants may download a Certificate of Success from the American Discovery Trail website.  Imagine…Outdoors…Healthy Exercise…Fresh Air…Inspiration…America’s Beautiful Landscapes… in a National Event with Thousands of Partners!

The American Discovery Trail Challenge is anxiously waiting for you. Let’s go on this great journey together!

See the link to the tool on the event information page. The tool will assist you with finding your part of the trail nearest you (Turn By Turn and GPX directions).