The American Discovery Trail Society wishes to recognize and congratulate those who use the trail with a system of awards for many types of use.

Major awards consist of an American Discovery Trail patch with a bar specifying the award, a certificate from the ADTS, recognition in the newsletter and on social media, plus a listing on the website.

The following major awards are available to current and previous users of the trail.

Coast to Coast – the crown jewel of awards.
Heartland Loop – a loop of the north and south central sections of trail.
Eastern Region – completion of the eastern section of the trail.
Northern Region – completion of the northern section of the trail.
Southern Region – completion of the southern section of the trail.
Western Region – completion of the western section of the trail.

In addition certificates and stickers will be awarded for the following;

Single state completion – the sticker will name the state and the mileage in that state.
Multi state travel – travel on any part of all 16 states the trail crosses, a downloadable certificate will have a place to put the stickers for each state.

People who wish to be recognized must submit an application form to the ADTS office (printed or emailed). All awards will be offered on an honor system basis, meaning that by signing the application form one is stating that they followed the trail in all circumstances unless unforeseen circumstances prevented them from doing so, e.g. closures, fires, flooding, snow-pack levels, storms, unsafe conditions, etc. Official alternative ADT routes, e.g. bicycle routes, are allowed. Those who submit contact information for their local newspapers will have a press release sent to the contact point about their accomplishment.

All awards are available to anybody that has fulfilled the requirements at any time.

Application Form – download to your computer and fill out, then either print and mail it or email it to The easiest way to fill it out is to use Adobe Acrobat Reader which is a free application.