Find The American Discovery Trail®

Welcome to our versatile ADT mapping tool! This web page helps you locate two waypoints along the American Discovery Trail (ADT) and generate detailed GPX and Turn-By-Turn (TBT) documents for your upcoming hike or ride.

Follow these simple steps:

1. Enter Two Place Names: Start by entering the names of your desired start and end locations in the search fields. These can be any type of location or address within the US, such as 'Madison', 'Sevier County', or 'Arches National Park'. The locations do not have to be near the trail.

2. Choose from the Suggested Locations: After entering your places, our tool will generate a list of the closest corresponding locations on the ADT. The precision of your input directly impacts the number of suggestions - the more specific you are, the fewer options you'll receive. However, remember that our tool might not recognize all place names. If you don't see a suitable option, try using a broader description of the area.

Experiment with the Tool: The best way to familiarize yourself with our page is to interact with it! Don't hesitate to experiment with different location inputs.

If you already have your waypoints and simply need a map, enter the waypoint labels (such as A10010) directly. This will bypass the location selection process and take you straight to your map. Enjoy your journey along the ADT!

This tool is still being developed and has some limitations:

  • The tool has no idea whether the Waypoints it finds are accessible by any means other than hiking.
  • The generated Path along the ADT is limited to 200 miles
  • The tool only finds Waypoints on the main trail, it will not direct you to use alternate routes even if they are mandatory (e.g. bicycle routes).