ADT Utah Segments 5 & 6 Water Caches

Soldier Pass Cache, 38.32268, -112.84648
There is an old road going downhill on the western side of the cattleguard, about 50ft down there is a ribbon in a bush. Cache is on the right about 20 feet uphill behind some bushes/trees in a rock pile. There is a ribbon in a tree that is just visible from the one in the bush. Westbound there is no water between here and Milford.

Old Road
Ribbon in bush, X is ribbon in tree, water is behind tree.
Rock pile over water.

Frisco Historical Marker, 38.45233, -113.26025

At the marker take the road to the left for about 30 feet past the tree. Head left off the road past the smaller tree to a patch of lighter vegetation, water is behind vegetation.

Frisco Historical Marker
Large and small tree, you might have to hunt around for this one, I didn’t take a picture of the lighter vegetation.
Water buried under rocks. Please take only one.
The next water after this is at the Wah Wah Ranch (R60130), they are very friendly and know about the ADT. If nobody is there there is a spigot somewhere (I don’t know where but Bernie found it)

Wah Wah Road cache, 38.56200, -113.40347

Only 7 miles from the ranch in case there is no water available there. On the left at a very slight rise in the road with rocks on both side of the road, there is a really old road crossing just before it. You can see the pile of rocks containing the water easily by the bush, this is actually a subtly distinct area compared to what you have just passed through. There is a small cairn on the side of the road.

Rocks, bush and rock pile
The water pile.

Hillside cache, 38.69553, -113.44109

Cross the cattleguard and walk up the hill to the left. Water is behind some big rocks and covered by others.

Crystal Mountain Cache, 38.79669, -113.59249

Water is in a pile of rocks across the road from the most developed camp/picnic area where the trail to Crystal Mountain begins. About 50 feet back from the obvious very thick tree.

This tree is much thicker than any other in the area, pass to its left and go directly back 50 feet.
View back from the thick tree to the picnic area entrances.
Thick tree cache.

Signpost Cache, 38.93891, -113.73866

A ridiculously large old signpost with no sign any more, there used to be two of them but the one further on collapsed recently, maybe this one will have too? Cache on on the left side of road directly lined up with the two poles of the signpost.

Looing straight out from the signpost, keep left of metal pole.
Looking back at the signpost.

Sandy Soil Cache, 38.98829, -113.89054

Cross the cattle guard then follow the fence out to the left, where the fence turns left keep going straight to an obvious sandy patch of soil. Water is buried near the edge of the patch. This cache is half way between the Signpost Cache and the paved road.

Looking back from the cache to the cattleguard.