Illinois map

State Coordinators 
Northern Illinois State Coordinator
Ders Anderson
25 E. Washington #1650
Chicago, IL 60602

Southern Illinois State Coordinator
William (Bill) Gilmour

General Overview of Trail
Illinois, the Prairie State, is mostly a land that glaciers have smoothed out and left with rich deposits of soil that produce abundant crops. Under that soil lies the largest coal reserves in the nation, but it is manufacturing that provides the most employment.

The ADT’s two routes through Illinois are quite different in character. The Northern Midwest Route is across land that is flat to slightly undulating mostly along two canals. By contrast, the Southern Midwest Route goes through very hilly country, untouched by glaciers. This area is known as the Illinois Ozarks or the Shawnee Hills and geologically remains much as it has been for eons.

Detailed Trail Description — Northern Route
This part of the trail is divided into three segments totaling 219 miles, mostly trails, sidewalks, and little used roads.
Indiana State line to Joliet — 60 miles
Joliet to Bureau Junction (Depue) — 79 miles
Bureau Junction to Iowa line (Rock Island) — 80 miles

For more details on the Northern Illinois route, click here.

The most up-to-date, detailed trail directions are published in the ADT Data Books.

Affiliated Trails

  • Old Plank Road Trail
  • Illinois and Michigan Canal State Trail
  • Grand Illinois Trail
  • Sauk Trail Forest Preserve Trail
  • Thorn Creek Trail
  • Hennepin Canal Parkway State Trail
  • Great River Trail


  • Indian Boundary Park, Frankfort
  • Dewey Helmick Nature Preservek
  • Hickory Creek Bikeway Trailhead Park, Frankfort
  • Channahon State Park
  • McKinley Woods State Park
  • William G. Stratton State Park
  • Gebhard Woods State Park
  • Illini State Park
  • Starved Rock State Park
  • Buffalo Rock State Park
  • Mathhiessen State Park
  • Hennepin Canal State Park

Points of Interest

  • Caboose #9951, Matteson
  • Burton Breident Village Green, Frankfort
  • Bicycle Bridge over US 45, Frankfort
  • Historic downtown Joliet
  • Hogan Grain Elevator & Visitor Center, Seneca
  • Reddick Mansion, Ottawa
  • Scouting Museum, Ottawa
  • Illinois Waterway Visitors Center, Utica
  • Split Rock
  • Effigy Tumuli
  • LaSalle County Museum
  • Hegeler-Carus Mansion, LaSalle
  • Hennepin Canal Parkway Museum
  • Summit Basin on the Hennepin Canal
  • Rock Island Arsenal
  • The Quarter, East Moline
  • John Deere Commons, Moline
  • ADT Bicycle Bridge across the Mississippi River
  • The District, Rock Island

Detailed Trail Description — Southern Route
This section of the trail consists of three segments, totaling 284 miles, mostly on gravel and paved roads/shoulders.
Indiana State line to intersection with the River to River Trail — 41 miles
Harden County line to Grand Tower — 127 miles
Grand Tower to East St. Louis (Missouri state line) — 116 miles

For more details on the Southern Illinois route, click here.

The most up-to-date detailed trail directions are published in the ADT Data Books.

Affiliated Trails


  • Shawnee National Forest


  • Devil’s Backbone Park
  • Ferne Clyffe State Park
  • Giant City State Park
  • Cave In Rock State Park

Points of Interest

  • Lusk Creek Canyon National Natural Landmark
  • Clear Spring Wilderness
  • Garden of the Gods Wilderness
  • Lusk Creek Wilderness
  • Bald Knob Wilderness
  • Crab Orchard Wilderness
  • Panther Den Wilderness
  • Bald Knob
  • Cedar Lake
  • LaRue Pine Hills
  • Grand Tower
  • Fort Kaskaskia
  • Modoc Rock Shelter
  • Cahokia
  • Fort de Chartres
  • Prairie du Rocher

Trail Organizations

Adjoining Trail States:   IndianaIowa (north) – Missouri (south)