KSL TV (Utah) Video About The ADT in Utah

KSL is the NBC affiliated TV station in Salt Lake City, recently their senior outdoor journalist made a piece about the ADT starring Brad Marro who is walking the trail. The filming was done on Boulder Mountain in Utah just west of Capitol Reef National Park.

As the reporter says the next big step for the ADT is to be recognized as a National Discovery Trail – we need your help with that – see our Legislation page. Become a member of the ADTS!

ExtremeTerrain – Our Latest Business Partner

Headquartered in Paoli, PA, ExtremeTerrain is one of the largest web retailers of Jeep Wrangler and Toyota Tacoma parts and accessories. ExtremeTerrain places an emphasis on community and environmental awareness, supporting those who hold the same value system.

New Western Terminus

With the completion of the bridge to Hawaii it has been decided to move the western terminus of the ADT to Diamond Head. This addition adds 2,393 miles to the ADT, fortunately only two signs will be needed for the new segment, East and West. We are now looking for the Hawaii state coordinator…

Signage: S.47 Signed By The President

On March 12 2019 President Trump signed the “Natural Resources Management Act.” containing a small section authorizing the placement of ADT signs on federal land, now we have to determine where we want the signs, buy the signs, and negotiate placement of signs with the various departments involved. The main federal lands involved are National Parks, National Forest and Bureau of Land Management land.


(a) Definitions.—In this section:

(1) SECRETARY CONCERNED.—The term “Secretary concerned” means—

(A) the Secretary, with respect to Federal land under the jurisdiction of the Secretary; or

(B) the Secretary of Agriculture, with respect to Federal land under the jurisdiction of the Secretary of Agriculture.

(2) TRAIL.—The term “Trail” means the trail known as the “American Discovery Trail”, which consists of approximately 6,800 miles of trails extending from Cape Henlopen State Park in Delaware to Point Reyes National Seashore in California, as generally described in volume 2 of the National Park Service feasibility study dated June 1995.

(b) Signage Authorized.—As soon as practicable after the date on which signage acceptable to the Secretary concerned is donated to the United States for placement on Federal land at points along the Trail, the Secretary concerned shall place the signage on the Federal land.

(c) No Federal Funds.—No Federal funds may be used to acquire signage authorized for placement under subsection (b).

On The Trail: Annual Katy Trail Ride

The 19th annual Katy Trail Ride, June 17-21 allows bicyclists to experience Katy Trail State Park from Clinton to St. Charles. Missouri State Parks and Missouri State Parks Foundation invite you to join them on this scenic five-day ride on the nation’s longest developed and most popular rail trail.

This year’s ride covers approximately 231 miles of Katy Trail and features great food and many fun activities. Hot showers are available at each overnight stop, enhancing comfortable campsite settings. Participation is limited to 350 people so register early to ensure your place on this scenic ride. Registrations will be accepted until May 1 or until the 350 maximum limit is reached.

2019 Katy Trail Ride

More Great Signage News for the ADT

On Tuesday, Feb. 26, the House of Representatives passed S.47, the massive public lands bill, officially termed the “Natural Resources Management Act.” The Senate had previously passed it on Feb. 12. Section 2503 instructs the Secretaries of Interior and Agriculture to help install ADT trail signs on federal lands.
The House considered this bill under a special legislative provision designed to move non-controversial bills bills faster, called “suspension of the rules.” Time for debate is limited, and no amendments are allowed, but the bill has to pass by at least a 2/3 majority. Our bill, S.47, easily passed this bar, with a vote of 363 for and only 62 against. Now we are one step away from becoming public law – President Trump needs to sign the bill! He’s busy with a summit in Hanoi, but there have been no hints that he opposes the bill, and his approval is expected.