The American Discovery Trail Challenge

Event Information

On National Trails Day, June 1, 2024, Welcome to the adventure!

The American Discovery Trail (ADT) Challenge is anxiously waiting for you. Let’s go on this great journey together! The 6800 miles of the American Discovery Trail represents a connected system of local and state trails.

Find the ADT and plan your hike or ride

Click the button below to identify the route of the ADT closest to where you are. This web page will help you find a beginning and end point for your trail challenge anywhere along the ADT, near your home or on the other side of the country. You can also use the list of local trails below to get more detailed information on the stretch of trail you selected. Each local trail jurisdiction will have its own set of trail use guidelines. (This tool will be available soon)

Trail Tips

  • The ADT, like all long distance national trails, will take several more decades to be fully developed. Many stretches are on-road routes and require hiking along road shoulders if and when available. Inexperienced hikers and families should always select a local off-road trail to accomplish your challenge. Out from your starting point, and back to your starting point, is a common strategy.
  • Research and download route information early on so that you are prepared if you are planning a long distance or multi-day challenge, especially if on-road stretches are involved.
  • If you participate in the ADT Challenge, the American Discovery Trail Society will report back to the American Hiking Society on the level of participation in the ADT Challenge. National Trails Day (NTD) is an annual event that has been sponsored by the American Hiking Society (AHS) for the past 31 years. Your experience will be added to this years’ overall NTD national participation. In 2022, over 125,000 people participated in National Trails Day.
  • Generally, any trail use in the days before or after that date is acceptable both for the American Discovery Trail Challenge, as well as being recognized as a participant in National Trails Day. Don’t let a bad weather day, or your calendar commitments keep you from accomplishing your challenge.
  • If you are a first time or inexperienced trail user, be prepared. Bring a light backpack, water and snacks. Sunblock and a cap are also recommended.
  • Don’t forget to report back to the ADT Challenge website. Congratulate yourself!

Please Note: The American Discovery Trail is composed of many local trail sections, created and maintained by local agencies. This is a sample list of only a limited number of these local trails, which provide detailed information on each one.