More Great Signage News for the ADT

On Tuesday, Feb. 26, the House of Representatives passed S.47, the massive public lands bill, officially termed the “Natural Resources Management Act.” The Senate had previously passed it on Feb. 12. Section 2503 instructs the Secretaries of Interior and Agriculture to help install ADT trail signs on federal lands.
The House considered this bill under a special legislative provision designed to move non-controversial bills bills faster, called “suspension of the rules.” Time for debate is limited, and no amendments are allowed, but the bill has to pass by at least a 2/3 majority. Our bill, S.47, easily passed this bar, with a vote of 363 for and only 62 against. Now we are one step away from becoming public law – President Trump needs to sign the bill! He’s busy with a summit in Hanoi, but there have been no hints that he opposes the bill, and his approval is expected.